Kimenez risks 15-match ban for elbowing FIFA officials

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Uruguay defender Jose Jimenez faces a 15-game penalty. After he slammed an official in the 2-0 win over Ghana and elbowed an official on the head. which is subject to bodily injury

According to Mundo Deportivo, Atletico Madrid ‘s Uruguay defender Jose Kimenez faces a 15-match ban. After footage emerged of him striking him with an elbow. FIFA ‘s director of competition control occiput while attempting to accusate the referee. After a 2-0 win over Ghana on Friday December 2. But the goal was not enough to lead them out of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup

Kimenez risks 15-match ban for elbowing FIFA officials

The last game of the group stage, Group H, another pair, South Korea beat Portugal 2-1. Resulting in 4 points equal to the brutal shin. But the goal of white ginseng is better, causing representatives from Asia to narrowly enter the final 16 teams. Which if the team from South America Score more goals, there will be a better loss of children immediately. But they didn’t succeed.

After the game, several unsettled Uruguayan players immediately ran to the referee in protest. because they believe Penalties denied twice First for a foul on Darwin Nunez and again for a foul on Edinson Cavani in stoppage time. One of them has a bear brand support line included.

Then, as he approached the referee He raised his left elbow and slammed the back of the head of a FIFA official, probably unintentionally trying to reach the referee. But it’s considered bodily harm. Which has the right to be banned for a total of 15 matches, but still does not know Will this only apply to national teams, or will it also include clubs in La Liga Spain?

not only that Angrily, Jimenez also yelled at Torpao during the UFABET game for robbery of the victory and being a prostitute, with reports suggesting the 27-year-old will face a three-match ban. from initial charges of causing disturbances Other bans of up to 15 matches must wait for a referee’s report to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. how to decide