Klopp relieved Swans changed the system in the second half to turn it around and win.

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Jurgen Klopp accepts Liverpool’s lack of performance in the first half after being hit by Wolverhampton Press on one side. But the second half changed the plan. Made a comeback to dominate the offensive game well. Until overtaking and winning 3-1

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admits his สมัคร ufabet team performed poorly in the first half. Before there were changes to the system and players in the second half Makes you come back to good form. Until scoring a goal to overtake and win Wolverhampton Wanderers went 3-1 in the English Premier League at Molineux Ground on Saturday, September 16. Win 4 league games in a row

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The Wolves started better and took the lead through Hwang Yi Chan in the 7th minute. They then had a chance to score but the final moment was not good enough. Until the second half, it was Red Machine who was better at solving the game until they got 3 goals in a row from Cody Kakpo in the 55th minute, Andrew Robertson in the 85th minute and during injury time from doing.  Hugo Bueno ‘s own goal overtakes and collects all three points in a tough fight.

“In the first half I thought, ‘What’s going on?’ I almost got hit a couple of times. We weren’t ready in the first half but Wolves did really well,” the German coach said after the game. “The good thing about the first half was that it was really bad. Until we couldn’t play that bad in the second half. We had a low energy level and in other areas as well, we changed the system and one player. Makes the speed in the front line increase a little more. has natural speed We controlled the game better. We changed everything during the first break. These are three important points. It is also true that Wolves caused us a lot of problems. We cannot close the gap.”

Meanwhile, Klopp went on to say that 3-1 was an unexpected result after 20 minutes because the team had no chance. But in the second half we deserved it. The same player who looked rusty in the first half, in the second he looked a lot easier. Wolves were outstanding in the first half. But in the second half we did very well and controlled the game.

“We have a good team. But it’s not about this,” the Anfield boss added. “Today we have players on the bench who are extremely strong, with quality, no doubt. But despite the quality You can play badly too. That’s what we did in the first half. so now We have time to rest and prepare for the Europa League.”