Maguire holds Rashford good enough to become number one in the world

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England defender Harry Maguire believes Marcus Rashford. A good striker Can develop himself to become one of the world’s top stars. After scoring 3 goals for the Roaring Lions until reaching the last 16 of the World Cup 2022

England defender Harry Maguire has hailed Manchester United and international compatriot Marcus Rashford as having the potential to become one of the best players in the world. After returning to good form for the agency lately, in the UFABET World Cup, he has already scored 3 goals for the elite footballer, being the co-leader of the tournament at this time.

Maguire holds Rashford good enough to become number one in the world

The 25-year-old striker scored one goal in the Three Lions’ 6-2 thrashing of Iran in Qatar. Then came the final match in the group stage, winning Wales 3-0, helping the homeland through the last 16 teams, meeting Senegal on Sunday, December 4, where the senior defensive line from the same camp, the Red Devils , could not resist leaving. Let’s admire the form of playing of this star player.

“I’m very pleased with Marcus , ” Maguire said. He is so talented that he can become one of the best players in the world. And I think he should strive for that. Over the last year, not just Marcus at Manchester United, we’ve had a difficult year as a team. and it affects the players This year he has played more freely and is happy. We talked about him coming back to his best and I’m sure he can.” 

At the same time, the 29-year-old defender hopes Rashford will be awarded the top scorer award at the tournament in Qatar. Because not only is the creation of the great work of this striker, it also means that the England national team has gone through deeper rounds And have a good chance to win the World Cup to win

“We have seen this year. He has become more consistent with goals and assists. and he affects the game That’s the greatest thing. He always creates chances to score goals. That would be a dream if he grabbed the top scorer. I pray for that to happen. because that may mean We went very far in the tournament and gave ourselves the best chance to win it,” Maguire added.