5 dangerous signs, risking “stomach stress”

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Stress seems to be a common symptom of people in this day and age who face problems in work every day. Study and personal life Until the accumulated stress Some people are able to let go of stress in time. But some people accumulate so much stress that they experience abdominal pain and nausea. Also known as stomach stress

5 dangerous signs, risking "stomach stress"

Digestive system and stress

We often hear that gastritis is caused by untimely eating or eating spicy food. But in the latter, people who eat food for a long time can have this disease because when stress accumulates a lot. The body will order the stomach to secrete more gastric juice than usual. Until biting the stomach, causing abdominal pain In addition, stress also affects the gastrointestinal tract in other symptoms, such as acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, or even indigestion can be caused by stress as well.

stomach stress In fact, it is a gastritis that is not caused by not eating food on time. But it’s the order of the brain itself.

symptoms must know

Stress-induced gastritis has the same symptoms as gastritis caused by eating at the wrong time. The symptoms that are often found are:

  1. Nausea and vomiting  Chest pain after eating
  2. Burning pain in the abdomen and tongue  but will disappear when eaten
  3. flatulence, flatulence  , feeling like there is a lot of air in the stomach
  4. Frequent burping with foul odor  due to incomplete digestion
  5. Vomiting or passing bloody or black stools  Indicates that there is bleeding in the stomach. See a doctor urgently

Warning signs when too stressed

People are often stressed without realizing it. The following warning signs Your body is telling you it’s too stressful.

  • Rapid breathing,  dilated nostrils as the lungs expand to deliver more oxygen to the muscles. need a passageway wider air
  • goosebumps  due to the contraction of capillaries under the skin
  • appetite more than usual  Because the thyroid gland secretes hormones to speed up metabolism. causing the body to be stimulated until the appetite
  • Nausea  due to the fact that the work of the gastrointestinal tract is stopped. Increased stomach acid. Feeling irritated, annoyed, insomnia
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How to treat stomach stress

Although gastric stress is often chronic. But if you take care of yourself properly, it can be cured. in various ways as follows:

  1. Eat food on time and complete 3 meals.
  2. Avoid spicy food,  difficult to digest food, fried food, pickled food.
  3. Refrain from smoking,  refrain from soft drinks, caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages.
  4. Exercise  stimulates the body to release endorphins, helping to relieve stress. brighter mood
  5. do stress relief activities Let the body release stress. Reduce various mood swings.

Stress can be relieved. When symptoms start to feel stressful, what to do is stress relief which can be done in many ways Whether it’s taking a break from what you do. Find various stress-relieving activities or do your favorite hobbies, exercise or even talk to different people. including psychiatrists In addition, managing the surrounding environment, such as at home or at work, can help reduce stress as well.