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The dangers of "sleeping too little"

The dangers of “sleeping too little”

Everyone should know that “sleep” is the best rest for the body. Because the body needs adequate rest and balance every day, but to know this. There are not many people who do not pay attention to sleep as they should. which may be because they do not

The dangers of "eat and sleep" behavior

The dangers of “eat and sleep” behavior

Normally, the digestive process of people starts digesting food in the mouth by breaking down carbohydrates into sugars. (digested by saliva) Protein is digested in the stomach. Then some of the digested food is sent to the small intestine. which will digest both carbohydrates (In the form of sugar),

5 dangerous signs, risking "stomach stress"

5 dangerous signs, risking “stomach stress”

Stress seems to be a common symptom of people in this day and age who face problems in work every day. Study and personal life Until the accumulated stress Some people are able to let go of stress in time. But some people accumulate so much stress that they

Why do we always "yawn"? Is it dangerous?

Why do we always “yawn”? Is it dangerous?

When “yawning”, people around you tend to say that you slept late last night? Haven’t you got enough sleep lately? Or if we are sitting and talking and we yawn You might be told that you’re bored? In fact, why is our body telling us to yawn? And if